David Riesman

  Male      American      Sociologist

  Born : Sep 22, 1909  -
  Died : May 10, 2002

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David Riesman (September 22, 1909 – May 10, 2002) was a sociologist, educator and best-selling commentator on American society.

Born to a wealthy German Jewish family, he attended Harvard College, where was graduated in 1931 with a degree in biochemistry. He attended Harvard Law School, where he was a member of the Harvard Law Review. Riesman clerked for Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis between 1935 and 1936. He also taught at the University of Buffalo Law School and at the University of Chicago. He worked for Sperry Gyroscope company during the war. After a fellowship at Yale to write the Lonely Crowd, he returned to Chicago. In 1958 he became a university professor at Harvard. Intellectually he was influenced most by Erich Fromm, as well as Carl Friedrich, Hannah Arendt, Leo Löwenthal, Robert K. Merton, Paul Lazarsfeld, Paul Goodman, Martha Wolfenstein, and Nathan Leites. He read widely in Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud.

Ironically, this creates a tightly grouped crowd of people that is yet incapable of truly fulfilling each other's desire for sexual pleasure. The book is considered a landmark study of American character.[3] Riesman was a major public intellectual as well as a sociologist, representing an early example of what sociologists now call "public sociology."..

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