Danish Sheikh

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  Born : Feb 07, 1985  

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Danish Sheikh (born February 7, 1985) is a charisma coach based out of Mumbai, India. He is considered to be the first such coach in India and the Middle East. Danish is also considered to be the first academic faculty of charisma in India. He has delivered a TEDx talk titled, ‘THN: Largest Social Network in the World’ at TEDx Jai Hind College, Mumbai.

Danish was born and raised in Indore, India, and attended St. Paul’s High School. He was an introverted, bullied kid and didn't do well in academics. He has said his life took a turn at the age of 16, when he read Dale Carnegie's book, "How to win friends and influence people", which put him on the path of self improvement in the coming years.

Danish began his professional career in the field of IT in 2003, at the age of 18. In next 10 years, he worked with Lionbridge, Microsoft, Yahoo! and The Nielsen Company. In 2013, Danish began his own work as a charisma coach, and later founded a start-up, ‘Danish Sheikh International FZE’ in Dubai, UAE...

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