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Dan Wakefield (born 1932) is an American novelist, journalist and screenwriter. His best-selling novels, Going All the Way (1970) and Starting Over (1973) were made into feature films. Amongst his other notable works include Island in the City: The World of Spanish Harlem (1959), the pioneering survey of Spanish Harlem, a Puerto Rican settlement in New York and New York in the Fifties (1992), based on the Beat Generation in Greenwich Village, which led to a documentary film in 2001.

Presently, he is Writer in Residence at Florida International University in Miami.

Dan Wakefield was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, where his family lived in the Broad Ripple Village area.

He studied at Shortridge High School, where he was an Eagle Scout, and began his writing career as a columnist on the school newspaper, The Shortridge Daily Echo. He also served as sports correspondent for The Indianapolis Star. The school is mentioned in his novel Going All The Way (1970).

He left Indianapolis in 1952 for New York City, where he was graduated from Columbia College, with B.A. (English) in 1955, after studying the class of noted Professor of English, Mark Van Doren...

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