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Dan Phillips is an American designer and builder from Texas. He is the founder and face of Phoenix Commotion, a construction company established in 1997. Phoenix Commotion focuses on designing Eco-friendly homes for low-income individuals and families such as struggling artists and single mothers. The company’s goals include reducing landfill burdens through the use of excess and recyclable materials; providing low-income housing through selection of cheap materials and labor; and allowing opportunities for the unemployed by training unskilled workers.

As a profit organization Phoenix Commotion hopes to show the financial and ethical benefits of sustainable building and challenge current standard building codes and building methods, which favor the use of raw materials.

Dan Phillips grew up in Littleton, Colorado. He is the youngest of three children to George Phillips, a former lumber company owner and Phoebe, a homemaker (died in 1979). Phillips undertook a master’s degree in dance at Sam Houston State University. In 1969 Dan Phillips married wife Marsha Phillips a formal high school teacher, they have two children Ian and Phoebe...

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