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Dale Turner is an American singer-songwriter, rock musician, and multi-instrumentalist/record producer, noted for his sophisticated songcraft, quirky vocal arrangements, and adventurous guitar work. Queen-meets-Mr. Bungle-meets-Frank Zappa-like melodic rock, with somewhat psychedelic musical leanings.

Regarded as a musical "Renaissance man" and "mad scientist" for his versatility as a self-recordist in the studio environment, Turner's overall artistic vision has been likened to Jon Brion, Sufjan Stevens, Todd Rundgren, Jeff Buckley, and the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson. Turner is the lone musician featured on all of his albums.

In November 2010, Dale Turner's Mannerisms Magnified CD made Guitar Player magazine's list of "Top Three Picks" by Matt Blackett, who praised the album for its "Smart pop tunes that are crammed with interesting guitar parts and tones," comparing it to "what the Beach Boys might do if they were on an acid trip that was on the verge of getting out of control. Yeah!"..

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