Curt Siodmak

  Male      American      Novelist

  Born : Aug 10, 1902  -
  Died : Sep 02, 2000

About Author

Curt Siodmak (August 10, 1902 – 2 September 2000) was a novelist and screenwriter. He made a name for himself in Hollywood with horror and science fiction films, most notably The Wolf Man and Donovan's Brain (the latter adapted from his novel of the same name). He was the younger brother of noir director Robert Siodmak.

Despite the motion picture industry's repeated assertion that he was born in Dresden, an "error" that amused him into his 90s, Siodmak was nevertheless born Kurt Siodmak in Podgorze, Kraków's Jewish quarter, the son of Rosa Philippine (née Blum) and Ignatz Siodmak, a devout Hasidic scholar. His parents were both from Ashkenazi Jewish families in Leipzig (parents' birthplace needs to be checked against Siodmak's autobiography). Siodmak rejected his ultra-orthodox upbringing, and as a young man, abruptly one day walked out of Podgorze, removed his kippah and tallit, and entered a restaurant in Kraków to eat pork. Siodmak then went to Germany and acquired a degree in mathematics before beginning to write novels. He invested early royalties earned by his first books in the movie Menschen am Sonntag (1929) a documentary-style chronicle of the lives of four Berliners on a Sunday based on their own lives. The movie was co-directed by Curt Siodmak's older brother Robert Siodmak and Edgar G. Ulmer, with a script by Billy Wilder in collaboration with Fred Zinneman and cameraman Eugen Schüfftan. Siodmak was the cousin of noted film producer Seymour Nebenzal, who funded Menschen am Sonntag with funds borrowed from his father, Heinrich Nebenzahl...

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