Christian Furchtegott Gellert

  Male      German      Poet

  Born : Jul 04, 1715  -
  Died : Dec 13, 1769

About Author

Christian Fürchtegott Gellert (4 July 1715 – 13 December 1769) was a German poet, one of the forerunners of the golden age of German literature that was ushered in by Lessing.

He was born at Hainichen in the Saxon Erzgebirge foreland. After attending the famous school of St. Afra in Meissen, he entered Leipzig University in 1734 as a student of theology, and on completing his studies in 1739 was a private tutor for two years. Returning to Leipzig in 1741, he contributed to the Bremer Beiträge, a periodical founded by former disciples of Johann Christoph Gottsched, who had revolted from the pedantry of his school. Owing to shyness and weak health Gellert gave up all idea of entering the ministry, and, establishing himself in 1745 as Privatdozent in philosophy at the university of Leipzig, lectured on poetry, rhetoric and literary style with much success. In 1751 he was appointed extraordinary professor of philosophy, a post which he held until his death at Leipzig...

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