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Chet is a serial entrepreneur revolutionizing the social giving space with his startup, Crowdera, a totally free crowdfunding platform for doing good. Chet believes that 'Abundance Starts with Giving' so he created Crowdera to help non-profits and social innovators to raise money absolutely free. Chet has also founded SmartWe, a company that believes in the power of WE. SmartWe is focussed on helping startups build their product via nearshore/offshore technology delivery services.

Chet started as a humble 19 year old young entrepreneur from the Orange City of India employing over 100 people in first 6 years of his career. From Orange City to Silicon Valley Chet experienced several peaks and valleys in his career. After a short break Chet began his new entrepreneurial innings starting with NoPay Startups, now a 2000+ people strong group of startup enthusiasts to founding FEDU, an educational fundraising company. Chet gained popularity as an entrepreneurial facilitator, coach, mentor, and a speaker...

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