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Charles Soule is a Brooklyn, New York-based New York Times best-selling comic book writer, musician,[citation needed] and attorney, known for his work on books such as 27 published by Image Comics, Letter 44 from Oni Press, Death of Wolverine, and Superman/Wonder Woman.

Charles Soule attended the University of Pennsylvania, where he received his undergraduate degree in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, with a concentration in Chinese language and history. He later graduated from Columbia Law School.

Soule currently practices law in New York City, focusing primarily on immigration and corporate law.

In 2009 SLG Publishing published Soule's graphic novel Strongman which focuses on a luchador-turned-hero. A sequel to Strongman subtitled Oaxaca Tapout was completed in 2011 but remains unreleased. His other creator-owned projects include Strange Attractors, about complexity theory applied to New York City by two genius mathematicians, released by Archaia in May 2013, and Letter 44, from Oni Press, a real-world sci-fi political thriller involving a manned space mission to investigate an anomaly in the asteroid belt. Letter 44 is an ongoing series, the first issue of which debuted in October 2013. Letter 44 was optioned for development by the SyFy network in early 2014.

In January, 2013, DC Comics announced that Soule would take over writing duties for Swamp Thing starting with issue #19, after Scott Snyder's departure. In addition, he was the writer for Red Lanterns commencing with issue #21 and continuing through issue #37. Starting in October 2013, Soule originated Superman/Wonder Woman, illustrated by Tony Daniel...

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