Charles Platt

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  Born : May 09, 1945  

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Charles Platt (born 9 May 1945) is an author, journalist and computer programmer. He relocated from England to the United States during 1970, is a naturalized U.S. citizen and has one daughter, SF editor Rose Fox. Platt is the nephew of Robert Platt, Baron Platt of Grindleford.

Platt's novel The Silicon Man has been endorsed by William Gibson as "A plausible, well-crafted narrative exploring cyberspace in a wholly new and very refreshing way".

As a fiction writer, Charles Platt has also used pseudonyms: Aston Cantwell (1983), Robert Clarke (Less Than Human, a science-fiction comedy of 1986) and Charlotte Prentiss (historical and prehistory novels, between 1981 and 1999). He contributed to the series of Playboy Press erotic novels with the house pseudonym Blakely St. James that was shared by many other writers during the 1970s.

Platt is also known for writing the novel The Gas during 1970 for the Ophelia Press (OPH-216), an imprint of publisher Maurice Girodias's Olympia Press. (Girodias also published several of Barry N. Malzberg's early novels.) When Platt's novel was published in the United Kingdom by Savoy Books during 1980, copies were seized by the UK's Director of Public Prosecutions...

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