Charles Anderson Dana

  Male      American      Journalist

  Born : Aug 08, 1819  -
  Died : Oct 17, 1897

About Author

Charles Anderson Dana (August 8, 1819 – October 17, 1897) was an American journalist, author, and senior government official. He was a top aide to Horace Greeley as the managing editor of the powerful Republican newspaper New York Tribune until 1862. During the Civil War, he served as assistant secretary of War, playing especially the role of the liaison between the War Department and General Ulysses S. Grant.

On becoming the editor of the high quality newspaper, the New York Sun, in 1868 he announced his credo:

It will study condensation, clearness, point, and will endeavor to present its daily photograph of the whole world's doings in the most luminous and lively manner."

He at first appealed to working class Democrats but after 1890 became a champion of business-oriented conservatism...

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