Chantal Sutherland

  Female      Canadian      Model

  Born : Feb 23, 1976  

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Chantal Sutherland (born February 23, 1976) is a Canadian model, television personality and jockey in North American Thoroughbred horse racing. She is referred to as the Danica Patrick of horse racing. She is known for her appearances on the reality tv show, Jockeys on Animal Planet, as well as being the poster girl for the Del Mar racetrack. During an interview on Sky Sports in the lead-up to the Dubai World Cup race, she said that her primary vocation was jockey.

Sutherland grew up in the Toronto, Ontario area where her father Hugh owned a horse farm and trained standardbreds. As a young girl, she played competitive field hockey and was invited to try out for Canada's junior World Cup team. She rode horses in equestrian events but after graduating from York University with a degree in communications and psychology, she decided to explore the opportunity to ride Thoroughbreds in flat racing.

Beginning in the year 2000, the Del Mar Racetrack's Del Mar Thoroughbred Club marketing team went through a major shift in their marketing direction. They realized they had to attract a more youthful audience as well as a female audience. They focused Del Mar as a fashionable destination, using social media and other avenues to market the racetrack. They hired jockey and model Chantal Sutherland to be the new face of the Del Mar racetrack. Their strategy paid off, as over 13 years later Del Mar has changed their demographics and audience attendance...

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