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Catherine Malandrino is a fashion designer. She was born in 1959 Grenoble, France and now works in New York City as well as in Paris.

Born from Italian parents in the French Alps, Catherine Malandrino, after graduating from Esmod she worked in the Paris couture houses of Dorothée Bis, Louis Féraud, Emanuel Ungaro, and in the 1990s was the creative force at the French label "Et Vous" in Paris.

Malandrino currently designs two collections: her contemporary Catherine Malandrino line and her runway line Malandrino which features shoes and accessories including jewelry, handbags, and belts.

The company operates today 2 boutiques. As of December 2013, Amiram Assouline is the creative director of the Catherine Malandrino brand. Malandrino "remains creative director of all CM product and brands."

In August 2013, "Bluestar Alliance, LLC and Tahari ASL bought the Catherine Malandrino brand" "from Tahari ASL LLC forming a joint venture led by Bluestar Alliance in partnership with Tahari ASL and Catherine Malandrino"...

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