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Casi McLean Originally from McLean, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C., Casi relocated to Atlanta after graduating from the University of Georgia. Fascinated with the written word since her childhood, Casi taught English, creative writing and drama for several years. The life-altering search for her biological father revealed secrets and lies in her past that rekindled her passion for writing and inspired her captivating memoir, Wingless Butterfly. Since then, Casi has written five novelettes in her Destiny series and released her debut novel, Beneath The Lake.

Beneath The Lake is the first time-slip novel in a three book series. A ghost town submerged beneath Atlanta's famous Lake Lanier is said to lure victims to a watery grave--but does it? When Lacey Montgomery's car hurls into the icy, black lake, she awakens in the arms of a handsome stranger, in a place she never heard of, 34 years before she was born.

McLean referring to her new release: A town that time forgot--the eerie lore attached to a rural area that sleeps beneath Atlanta's famous man-made lake, Sidney Lanier, fascinated me. Homes, churches, businesses, and a racetrack still linger beneath the surface. There's a Lady of the Lake who haunts the ghost town, trapping swimmers until they join her in her watery grave. Even divers get tangled among the deadfall of sheered-off trees and town remains, hence the lake's unnerving label: Lanier never gives up its dead. The inspiration gnawed at me. What a perfect setting for my romantic time-slip suspense series...

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