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Carrie Jones is an American author, known for her work in young-adult fiction. She has written both fantasy and non-fantasy novels, including the paranormal series Need. Jones has received multiple awards and appeared on the New York Times Best Seller list.

Carrie Jones was raised in Bedford, New Hampshire. She moved to Lewiston, Maine to attend Bates College. Initially considering a career as a lawyer, she later became an award-winning reporter and editor for newspapers, which led to her winning numerous Maine Press Awards and eventually a Maine Literary Award for nonfiction and another for children's writing. In 2007, Jones graduated from Vermont College's MFA program for writing, prior to which she completed the first draft of what would become her debut novel. She was presented with the program's Distinguished Alumn Award. She resides in Maine.

Jones's 2007 debut novel, Tips on Having a Gay (ex) Boyfriend, introduces a girl named Belle, whose longtime boyfriend Dylan eventually informs her that he is gay. The revelation leaves Belle torn between her resentment toward Dylan's secrecy, and her concern as he adjusts to his new identity in their town. Jones has labeled it a story of "self-discovery and understanding and all the different kinds of love out there." The novel was based in part on an experience that Jones had during high school. While exploring Belle's situation, the author felt compelled to reveal that "negative feelings aren’t all the feelings possible when your boyfriend comes out. You can feel proud of him. You can feel sad that he was afraid to tell the truth for so long. You can feel used sometimes. You can feel angry sometimes, but eventually, lots of the time you still love him. You still care about him. You want the best for him. In Tips I really wanted those positive feelings to eventually come out."..

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