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Brittany Burgunder grew up in San Luis Obispo, California as a nationally ranked tennis player and horseback rider. After battling with a severe eating disorder for over 10 years, Her story is taken directly from personal journal entries, which chronicle her struggles and ultimate triumph. Safety in Numbers is now available for purchase. Brittany has now begun writing the manuscript of the sequel to Safety in Numbers, which brings closure to the recovery process using the same captivating style. Brittany is a psychology student at Cal Poly, a passionate mental health advocate, and a contributing writer for Elite Daily. Brittany has written many published press releases and articles and blogs on a regular basis. She is a heartfelt writer and is the grandniece of Pulitzer Prize winning author, William Styron. She spends much of her free time with her beloved horse, Hanalea KS and competes in dressage. Brittany looks to be an inspiration and role model to others and desires to bring hope to those who have none by sharing her story...

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