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Brian Colbert is regarded as one of the leading consultants in the area of Personal Growth in Europe today. Brian is a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP, qualified Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and best-selling author. Brian has also forged a successful career as a highly effective Corporate Trainer & Consultant, producing results for some of giants of the business sector, such as Google, Coca-Cola & Pepsi.

Brian has extensive experience in the media, providing interviews, programs & segments on RTE, TV3, Today FM and countless other broadcasters. Brian also released a groundbreaking app based on his hypnotic trance CDs, which has surpassed 1 million downloads worldwide, topping Apple’s Health & Fitness Chart in several countries across the world.

As of today, Brian has released two best-selling books - "The Happiness Habit" and "From Ordinary to Extraordinary", bringing his experience and insight into the literary field and sparking amazing results in the process. Brian's books have made a pronounced impact overseas, being translated into a number of different languages worldwide...

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