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Brad Stone (born c. 1971) is an American journalist and the author of the books, Gearheads: the Turbulent Rise of Robotic Sports (2003) and The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon (2013).

Brad Stone is a senior writer for Bloomberg Businessweek, based in Bloomberg's San Francisco bureau. He has written many cover stories on leading technology companies, including Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Amazon. Previously, he was a reporter for the New York Times and Newsweek magazine. Stone is a frequent guest on Bloomberg West, a daily show focused on technology.

In 2009, Stone was found to have obfuscated the connections between himself and the sources interviewed for a trend story about people checking their e-mail first thing in the morning. Times spokesoman Catherine Mathis told the blog, the nytpicker "If the editors of the article had known about the relationships among those quoted, that would have given them additional reason to ask for more examples."..

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