Bill Owens

  Male      American      Politician

  Born : Oct 22, 1952  

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Bill Owens (born October 22, 1952) is an American politician and a member of the Republican Party who served as the 40th Governor of Colorado from 1999 to 2007. Owens was re-elected in 2002 by the largest majority in Colorado history, after making transportation, education, and tax cuts the focus of his governorship.

Owens was born in Ft. Worth, Texas, where he graduated from Paschal High School. While a sophomore in high school, Owens was appointed a Page in the U.S. House of Representatives by Congressman (and later, Speaker of the House) Jim Wright. Owens was assigned by the Doorkeeper of the House to the Republican cloakroom, where he worked for notable Republicans who were serving in the House then such as George H.W. Bush, Gerald Ford and Bob Dole.

He attended Stephen F. Austin State University where he served as vice president and president of the student body. While at Stephen F. Austin State University, Owens served as a coordinator of the Students for George Bush in George H.W. Bush's unsuccessful campaign for the U.S. Senate. It was during this campaign that Owens would first meet future President George W. Bush...

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