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Ben Wheatley (born 1972) is an English director of feature films, TV comedy shows, adverts and idents, animated shorts and internet viral ads.

Wheatley was born in Billericay, Essex. He went to Haverstock School in North London and it was here during the sixth form that he met Amy Jump, who is now his wife and co-founder of the "Mr and Mrs Wheatley" blog. The couple have a son and live in Brighton.

Initially a short film maker and animator, Wheatley moved his work to the internet, gaining a wider audience. His viral clip "cunning stunt" which shows his friend Rob Hill jumping over a car has had over 10 million views. The hundred or so short virals[clarification needed], animations and games found on the "Mr and Mrs Wheatley" site were noticed by large media companies and Wheatley's work expanded into mainstream media...

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