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  Born : Feb 07, 1969  

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Ben Mezrich (born February 7, 1969) is an American author from Princeton, New Jersey.

Mezrich was born in Boston, Massachusetts, the son of Molli Newman, a lawyer, and Dr. Reuben Mezrich, a chairman of radiology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and he was raised in a conservative Jewish family [see "References"]. Mezrich attended Princeton Day School, in Princeton, New Jersey. He graduated magna-cum-laude with a degree in Social Studies from Harvard University in 1991. Some of his books have been written under the pseudonym Holden Scott. He is known for his non-fiction books.

He lives in Boston, Massachusetts. He has been married to Tonya M. Chen since 2006.

Mezrich is best known for his first non-fiction work, Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six MIT Students Who Took Vegas for Millions (ISBN 0-7432-4999-2). This book tells the story of a group of students from MIT who bet on blackjack games using a sophisticated card counting system, earning millions of dollars at casinos in Las Vegas and other gambling centers in the United States and the Caribbean. The story was made into the movie 21, released in 2008. Despite being categorised as non-fiction many of the characters in Bringing Down the House are composite characters and some of the events described have been contested by the people the characters are based on...

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