Ben Lindsey

  Male      American      Judge

  Born : Nov 25, 1869  -
  Died : Mar 26, 1943

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Benjamin Barr Lindsey (November 25, 1869 - March 26, 1943) was an American judge and social reformer based in Denver, Colorado during the Progressive Era.

Benjamin Barr Lindsey was born in Jackson, Tennessee. He was educated in the public schools. His father, Landy Tunstall Lindsey, committed suicide when Ben was 18, leaving him the sole support of his mother and her three younger children. He obtained employment in a real-estate office in Denver, Colorado, where he studied law in his spare time. In despair over his slow progress in his law studies, he attempted suicide, but his gun misfired. In 1894, he entered the practice of law in Denver. In his work, he was often assisted by his wife Henrietta, whom he had married in 1914. He was appointed to a vacancy in the county court in 1900.

Lindsey was a pioneer in the establishment of the juvenile court system. Through his efforts, an act was passed creating a juvenile court in Denver which represented an important advance in relation of the law to children. Lindsey was made judge of the juvenile court in 1901. He held the position continuously, but he was not endorsed by either political party in 1908. Under his administration, the juvenile court of Denver became famous throughout the civilized world...

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