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Ayishat Akanbi is a visual expressionist and fashion stylist based in London, UK. She made her entry into the fashion scene in 2010 and has amassed a growing following ever since.

While maintaining a sense of individuality at the forefront of her work, she has also maintained cultural awareness while keeping up with current trends. She has garnered the attention of many Artists, Celebrities and TV Personalities as well as a number of private clients she regularly tends to.

Ayishat’s keen interest in socio-political issues, music and culture has attracted the attention of a number of institutions and reputable brands. Ayishat regularly lends her voice in the form of public speaking to budding creators and young entrepreneurs. Ayishat delivers talks that are both humorous and thought provoking, and has been described by Adidas as having ‘an enlightened & elegant touch’.

Ayishat’s technique is rooted in her ability to establish a political, psychological and artistic understanding of style, and her subjects tend to reflect that notion. She also believes that personal style is something that is accessible to any and every one. Amongst other accolades, Ayishat has been featured in GQ, Fiasco, RWD, The Mirror Newspaper and the BBC programme “A day in the life of” special.

Ayishat strives to deliver a service that goes beyond the client expectation. Her strong relationships with established fashion brands ensure to offer a quality experience.”..

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