Augusto Cury

  Male      Brazilian      Physician

  Born : Oct 02, 1958  

About Author

Augusto Jorge Cury (born October 2, 1958) is a Brazilian physician, psychiatrist, psychotherapist and writer. He developed the Multifocal Theory, about the functioning of the mind and the construction process of thought. His books have sold over 28 million copies in Brazil.

He is a researcher in the field of quality of life and development of intelligence, addressing the nature, construction and dynamics of emotion and thoughts. He develops researches in Spain in Educational Sciences in the area of quality of life[citation needed]. Published in more than 40 countries, Cury lectured at the BYU University's 13th International Conference on Intolerance and Discrimination, in the US. He's doctor honoris causa by UNIFIL (Centro Universitário Filadélfia in Londrina), and member of honor of the Academy of Gifted People of the Intelligence Institute, in the city of Porto, Portugal. In March 2008, was created the Augusto Cury's Study Centre (Centro de Estudos Augusto Cury, in Portuguese), in Portugal, integrated in the Intelligence Institute from that country...

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