Atul Purohit

  Male      Indian      Musician

  Born : Feb 27, 1957  

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Atul Purohit is a Classical Singer, Most famous as a Gujarati Folk (Garba) Singer. Atul Purohit is also very famous for Sunderkand and devotional songs. People love him for his bejeweled talents and melodious songs like “Tara Vina Shyam” and “Vhalamni Vaat Kai”.

Shri Atul Purohit was born in a small village called “DHOLAR” near Dabhoi on February , 27 1957. From his childhood he loved music and Singing. He got his first harmonium at a very young age of 10 years and started learning by own.

To recognize his sole talent he came to baroda. He joined the music college for dramatics. In beginning he started performing in Local Street and with local artists for free.

Atul Purohit’s music genes are Garba, Sugam Sangeet, Bhajans and his Influences are Folk, Hindustani classical, Sugam sangeet, bhajan and sufi.

In year 1983 he established the group known “Rishabh” with his 5 friends. His bejeweled talent made history by “Tara Vina Shyam”. His album “Tara Vina Shyam” made him world famous garba singer. In year 1992 he established another group “The Rutambara Group”. Shri Atul Purohit has also achieved Gujarat Gaurav Puraskaar...

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