Aslan Maskhadov

  Male      Russian      Politician

  Born : Sep 21, 1951  -
  Died : Mar 08, 2005

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Aslan (Khalid) Aliyevich Maskhadov (21 September 1951 – 8 March 2005) was a leader of the Chechen independence movement and the third President of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.

He was credited by many with the Chechen victory in the First Chechen War, which allowed for the establishment of the de facto independent Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. Maskhadov was elected President of Chechnya in January 1997. Following the start of the Second Chechen War in August 1999, he returned to leading the guerrilla
resistance against the Russian army. He was killed in Tolstoy-Yurt, a village in northern Chechnya, in March 2005.

On 21 September 1951, Aslan Aliyevich Maskhadov was born in the Karagandy Province of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR) of the Soviet Union, in the small village of Shakai, during the mass deportation of the Chechen people ordered in 1944 by Joseph Stalin. His family was of the Alaroy teip. In 1957, his family returned to Chechnya where they settled in Zebir-Yurt, Nadterechny District...

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