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Anu Ananthakrishnan is the founder of Aria + Leya. She was busy checking all the ‘right boxes’ and climbing the corporate ladder in New York City when she first questioned her inner calling. Anu Ananthakrishnan was well on her way to achieving what she set out to do, and yet, she realised, she felt empty.

She mustered the courage to tell her husband, and with his and her family’s encouragement, she moved to Mumbai, her childhood home. This, she says, was her first big step, which provided her the impetus to start afresh. After she got over the initial panic of not knowing what to do, things got easier and she relaxed into the process. She realised she wanted her work to be meaningful and impactful, and that such decisions require time and patience. So, she took a year to travel, read, meditate, and meet people. Mumbai was exactly what she needed as she fell in love once again with the city, for all its soul and character...

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