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Anthony J D Angelo alias Tony D’Angelo is the founder of Collegiate EmPowerment. He has dedicated his life to helping young adults to create a life worth living and a game worth playing. Back in 1995 at the young age of twenty-three, Tony set out on his vision to transform American Higher Education. As he says, “Most students go to school and get a degree, but not an education.” Tony D’Angelo is an educational entrepreneur hell bent on making his vision a reality and has considered the past 20 years of his career as merely a launch pad to his bigger future.

Tony D’Angelo barely graduated college by the skin of his teeth from West Chester University (PA) in August of 1994, with a BS in Public Health with a concentration in Nutrition and a voice/vocal minor. He spent most of his time in pursuit of his education – not his degree – by having a life outside of the classroom. He spent countless hours learning about the real world through his student involvement activities in student government, rummaging through the stacks of books in the Harvey Green Library, hiking the trails of woods on South Campus, and listening to hours of personal development audio books with his Theta Chi Fraternity brothers...

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