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Anne Wilson Schaef has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and an honorary doctorate in Human Letters from Kenyon College in Kenyon, Ohio. After practicing for many years, she left the field of psychology and psychotherapy in 1984. She has developed her own approach to healing the whole person, which comes out of the ancient teachings of her ancestors, which she calls Living in Process.

Living in Process works with recovery from the addictive process moving beyond to wholeness of body, mind, and spirit. In the last twenty years, she has taught this approach to healing throughout the world, and is internationally respected as a speaker, consultant, and seminar leader. For the last 20 years, she has worked intensively with addictions — both ingestive addictions (alcohol, food, drugs, etc.) and process addictions (work, gambling, sex, relationships, etc.)

She has published thirteen books which have been translated in many languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Croatian, German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Dutch and others. Her books have been best sellers throughout the world and have included a New York Times best seller, a nomination for Best Political Book of the Year, a two million+ best seller — Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much — among others. Her books fall into two categories: 1) theoretical commentaries about the society and how it is functioning or not and 2) books for personal growth and healing. In addition to her books, she has written numerous articles and appeared on major radio and television shows throughout the world...

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