Andrew Pyper

  Male      Canadian      Author

  Born : Jan 04, 1968  

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Andrew Pyper (born January 4, 1968 in Stratford, Ontario) is a prize-winning Canadian author.

Pyper’s parents emigrated from Northern Ireland to Stratford, Ontario. His father was an ophthalmologist, his mother trained as a nurse. Pyper was the youngest of five children. As a child, he read a lot of books and aspired to be a writer. “I was a de facto only child, because there were eight years between me and the next brother. Like a lot of only children, I turned to the nerdier pursuits of books and writing and … making things up.” He studied at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and obtained an honours B.A. and M.A. in English Literature. Rather than pursue a doctorate, Pyper followed a girlfriend to Toronto and studied law at the University of Toronto (U. of T.). Although that relationship ended, Pyper continued three years of legal studies and graduated with a law degree (LL.B) and earned a Legal Theory Award. After articling for a year he was called to the bar in 1996. He has never practised law. “I knew very early on that I wasn’t going to be a lawyer, but I was brought up to believe, wrongly I think, that once you start something you never quit – real Presbyterian stick-to-it-iveness.”

While he was at the U. of T. he had several short stories published in Canadian literary magazines including Quarry and The New Quarterly. "It was a classic writerly compromise, I thought I'll get a job and hopefully make enough moneyworking part-time to feed the writing. What I didn't anticipate was how much I'd hate the law". Before he had finished his articling year Pyper decided to pursue a career as a fiction writer...

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