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Andrew Anselmo Smith (born 1959) is an American author and short story writer in the young adult fiction genre, and an educator. He has written seven novels including the critically acclaimed Winger and most recently, Grasshopper Jungle, which is currently being adapted into a movie. Smith is known for his dark subject matter, and his random writing style.

Andrew Smith was born in California in 1959. He always knew that he wanted to be a writer ever since he was the editor of his high school newspaper. He traveled around the world and from job to job, working in metal mills, as a longshoreman, in bars and liquor stores, in security and as a musician. After graduating college, he tried pursuing careers as a journalist, writing for newspapers, and writing radio stations, but he felt it wasn't the kind of writing that he wanted to do for the rest of his life. After much traveling around the world, Smith finally settled for a job as a high school teacher. He taught advanced placement classes and coached a rugby team. The writing that he was doing on the side was never for publication, he would write for fun until he was challenged by one of his lifelong friends to get one of his books published. In 2008 his first novel “Ghost Medicine” was published followed by 3 more successful novels until his most recent, “Grasshopper Jungle”...

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