Amit Ray

  Male      Indian      Author

  Born : Aug 12, 1960  

About Author

Dr. Amit Ray (born on August 12, 1960) is an Indian author, and spiritual master. He is best known for his Om meditation and integrated yoga and vipassana meditation techniques. He is author of several books on meditation and other spiritual topics. He teaches peace, love and compassion for the transformation of human consciousness.

He did his engineering from Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, University of Calcutta. He did his M.Tech and Ph.D from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. In his early years he worked as a scientist in computational neuroscience.

From his childhood, he learnt meditation from the wandering monks and ascetics who happened to pass by their village farmhouse. He was guided by Divine force. He was often found absorbed in deep meditation under a Peepal tree in the forest near his house. His early years, from the age eight to fourteen, were rich with divine experiences. While he was working in a corporate job in London, many uncommon mystical experiences happened to him. His first deep realization happened at Thornton Heath London...

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