Alexis Tsipras

  Male      Greek      Politician

  Born : Jul 28, 1974  

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Alexis Tsipras (born 28 July 1974) is a Greek politician and the 185th and current Prime Minister of Greece, serving from 26 January 2015 to 27 August 2015 and since 21 September 2015. Tsipras has been leader of the left-wing Syriza party since 2009.

He was first elected to the Hellenic Parliament in 2009, and was the Party of the European Left nominee for President of the European Commission in the 2014 European Parliament election. On 25 January 2015, Tsipras led Syriza to victory in a snap general election, receiving 36% of the vote and 149 out of the 300 seats in the Parliament. On 20 August 2015, seven months into his term as Prime Minister he lost his majority after intraparty defections, Tsipras announced his resignation, and called for a snap election, to take place the following month. In the September 2015 snap elections, Tsipras led Syriza to another victory, receiving 35.5% of the vote and 145 out of the 300 seats in the parliament, only 4 seats short of the previous elections.

In 2015 he was voted by TIME magazine as one of the 100 most influential people globally...

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