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Alexandra L. Smith, more frequently known as Alex Elle, has made an immense impact on women, both of her generation and beyond. She has quickly gained recognition for her candid, honest words, most notably in her acclaimed debut book, Words from a Wanderer. Alex is also a natural hair blogger, jewelry designer, and poet. Her poetry and prose are frank, derived from real life experiences and the raw human emotions in which everyone can relate. "I've always been a writer," she admits, "I found myself in writing my truth."

Alex grew up in Olney, Maryland, the only child of Victoria Moore and stepfather James Moore. Alex describes her younger self as "awkward and insecure" but with a constant need to be a leader in hopes of quelling her insecurities. Alex possessed an entrepreneurial spirit at an early age that she would carry into adulthood. "I was always really creative. I had my own little business in middle school. I used to make Now & Later wrapper jackets and belts. I used to print and sell iron decals on shirts, so I had an operation going on from my locker in middle school." Her mother, a jewelry designer (by hobby), helped to nurture Alex's creativity throughout her childhood, "I think I was ten or eleven, maybe twelve..." Alex recalls. "My mom gave me a journal that I still have to this day. It's a red knit journal embroidered with these beautiful flowers. That was my first real journal and it really pushed me to keep writing."..

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