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Alex Tan Zhixiang is a former Singaporean political activist. As a member of the Singapore People's Party, he stood in the Singaporean general election, 2011 in the Ang Mo Kio Group Representation Constituency under the Reform Party banner. The team that he was contesting under received 49,779 votes in total, representing 30.67% of total votes cast within the GRC. Tan is also a former editor of Temasek Review, a now-defunct socio-political website that covers mainly anti-establishment articles.

As a former editor of Temasek Review, he used the then-popular website to launch a donation drive to raise his Ang Mo Kio GRC team's electoral deposits. Promising to sign IOUs with loaners and emphasizing the importance of democracy in Singapore (uncontested constituencies result in a walkover, he raised $64,000 on the last night before Nomination Day. After winning back his electoral deposits with a 30.67% vote in Ang Mo Kio GRC, he returned the money back to his 37 loaners...

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