Alex Lowe

  Male      American      Athlete

  Born : Dec 24, 1958  -
  Died : Oct 05, 1999

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Stuart Alexander "Alex" Lowe (December 24, 1958 – October 5, 1999), was widely considered one of his generation's finest all-around mountaineers. Lowe died in a massive slab avalanche in Tibet.

Lowe gained iconic status within the climbing community for his courage, humility, grace and supreme athleticism. Numerous first ascents and heroic feats earned him a cult-like following, and a host of colorful nicknames: "The White Knight," "The Mutant," and "The Lung with Legs," this last moniker bestowed by an astonished climber who witnessed Lowe — carrying a heavy load, no less — effortlessly ascend Argentina's 22,841-foot (6,962 m) Aconcagua (highest peak in the Western Hemisphere) in a two-day lightning assault.

Referring to Lowe, Dave Hahn — a twelve-time Everest summiter — once remarked with a gesture of his hand, "There's Alex Lowe up here, and then there's the rest of us down here. The guy's just really that much better than everybody else." In its obituary on Lowe, the New York Times quoted Conrad Anker as saying, "We're all at this one level, and then there's Alex."..

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