Alex Gaskarth

  Male      British      Musician

  Born : Dec 14, 1987  

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Alex Gaskarth was born as Alexander William Gaskarth in Harlow, Essex in England on December 14, 1987
(age 27). His parents are Isobel Gaskarth and Peter Gaskarth. He had a brother, who died earlier in the years. He moved to Maryland when he was 7 years old. When he was in middle school, he was taken out of private school to public school, where he met Jack Barakat, his best friend. He is the singer, song writer, and rhythm guitarist for the band since 2003.

Alex has been involved in an on/off relationship with his girlfriend Lisa Ruocco since highschool. Alex announced his engagement to Lisa on February 18th, 2015 via Twitter. Together they own two dogs.

Alex's older brother Tom Gaskarth passed away a while back. According to a Rocksound interview, Alex was 12 while Tom was 21 when he died. It is rumoured that Alex and Tom got into a fight and he (Tom) ran away, when they found his body, he was dead. Alex blames himself for the incident and he never got to tell Tom how he felt, and that he was sorry for the argument.

Although that's obviously not true, since Tom was living back in the UK at the time according to this interview and suicide rumors were never confirmed by a reliable source...

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