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Abraham" is the name given by Esther Hicks to a group of spirits ("non-physical entities") Esther claims to channel. (The Hickses claim that in 1985 they began dialogs with Abraham, which is a "name chosen by a group of nonphysical teachers, who deliver an inspirational message of joy and well-being."*) Abraham's message is straight out of the 19th century New Thought tradition: believing makes it so. New Thought was described by William James as "a deliberately optimistic scheme of life." Esther Hicks has written at least nine books with her husband Jerry that promote a variety of optimistic messages. They advise people to be joyful because "the Universe adores you" and "you cannot die." You can take these little messages of joy home with you, as the Hickses have many books, DVDs, CDs, MP3s, card decks, calendars, etc. for sale. You might want to purchase some of these items to take with you on one of their inspirational workshops or cruises. You can also subscribe to one of their many journals for a fee and enjoy constant updates on joy, happiness, wealth, and good health...

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